Privacy Policy

EurekaHACKS, formerly known as Eureka! Hackathon, places a paramount emphasis on safeguarding the privacy and personal data of our participants, including hackers, sponsors, volunteers, and other contributors. To conduct our events, we may need to gather specific information, both passively through website usage analytics and actively through application data submitted by our hackers. We are committed to transparently explaining the purpose of collecting this data in simple terms and ensuring the utmost respect for privacy in its handling.

Analytics Data

We gather analytics data from various online platforms, including our website at, and our Instagram account (eureka_hacks). This data, which is anonymous, may encompass metrics from our web properties. We may share this information publicly or privately with third parties, presenting it in broad categories such as monthly visitor counts to maintain transparency.

Application and Event Data

To join EurekaHACKS, we require the minimum necessary information to ensure the smooth operation of the event. The collected data will be exclusively used within the services employed by EurekaHACKS for the Application Dashboard, which may include platforms like Tally, Google Sheets, and Netlify.

Emails and Other Messages

Information conveyed through emails and Instagram direct messages (DMs) will remain confidential and accessible only to the organizing team of EurekaHACKS, unless explicit permission is granted.

How we keep your data safe

EurekaHACKS employs industry-standard security measures and encryption techniques to collect and protect your data. Our infrastructure is primarily hosted in Google's data centers, which adhere to rigorous and industry-standard protocols to prevent unauthorized access. Internally, data access is closely monitored with zero tolerance for unauthorized use. Access to application data is restricted to the essential organizers, while volunteers and other involved parties have limited access for basic operational tasks, such as check-in and registration on the event day.

Deletion Policy

Upon receiving a written request along with proof of identity via email sent to, we will delete all relevant personal data within 30 days. It's important to be aware that your data may persist in our rolling backups beyond this period. However, it will not be utilized, and any restored versions will have the data deleted if required.

Photography and Media Release

By participating in EurekaHACKS, you acknowledge and agree that EurekaHACKS, its organizers, and affiliated partners may capture photographs, videos, or other media during the event that may include your likeness, voice, or participation. These images and recordings may be used for promotional, educational, and informational purposes, both online and offline. If you have specific concerns or objections to the use of media featuring you, please contact our team at We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate such requests, although we cannot guarantee the complete removal of already published materials.


Any inquiries regarding the EurekaHACKS privacy policy can be directed to We prioritize your privacy and welcome any feedback or criticism to ensure your comfort with our operational practices.

EurekaHACKS reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time.

Last Updated: January 3nd, 2024.