Code Of Conduct

EurekaHACKS strives to create a hackathon environment where every participant and volunteer feels welcome, included, respected, and secure. To uphold this commitment, all attendees, spanning sponsors, students, speakers, judges, volunteers, and organizers, are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct at all times.

Harassment Policy

Harassment encompasses various behaviors, including but not limited to offensive written posts, comments, or messages related to gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, race, or religion. It also includes the display of sexual or graphic images in public spaces, deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassment, photography, or video recording without consent, sustained disruption of talks or events, inappropriate contact, and unwelcome sexual attention.


Participants engaging in any of these harmful behaviors will be promptly requested to cease their actions. Sponsors, speakers, volunteers, and organizers are all expected to adhere to the anti-harassment policy. Furthermore, hacks or projects submitted by teams that violate this code may face disqualification or be denied the right to demo at the discretion of the event organizers.

Photography and Privacy

While photography is encouraged, participants should be given a reasonable chance to opt out. If someone objects to being photographed, their request should be respected. Taking photographs in contexts where individuals have a reasonable expectation of privacy, such as capturing screenshots or pictures of their screens without consent, is considered inappropriate.

Reporting Procedures

If you experience harassment, witness someone else being harassed, or have any concerns, please follow the reporting procedures provided below and report the incident immediately.

Feel free to reach out to any organizers or the on-duty security guard at any time. For direct communication with the Co-Directors, you can email them at

In case of emergency, please contact the following resources immediately:
Oakville Police/Fire/Paramedics
Emergency: 911
Non-Emergency: 905-825-4777

Credit for this code of conduct is attributed to the following codes:

  • McHacks
  • Major League Hacking
  • Hack Code
  • Hack@Brown
  • JustHack

For any inquiries about this code of conduct, please contact

EurekaHACKS reserves the right to modify this code of conduct at any time.

Last Updated: January 2nd 2024.